Our History

In response to the attacks of 9/11 a few Oak Park activists organized two town meetings, which led to the formation of OPCTJ over the next several months. A complete timeline of major events is on our website.

Since our formation, the group has helped individuals come together into groups to accomplish meaningful actions including public rallies, signature ads in newspapers, visits to Congressional offices, passage of resolutions opposing war and infringement of civil liberties in local town councils, public film showings, town hall meetings, lectures by prominent citizens, and more. Some of our more significant accomplishments include:

October 2001, produced our first Town Hall meeting discussing the political environment and history of the Middle East.
November 2001, organized the first petition questioning the U.S. response to the 9/11 attacks, organized the first Oak Park peace rally against Bush's war policies, held a Town Hall meeting linking War, terror, power and profit.
January 2002, Hosted our first film showing at the Oak Park Library, "Missile Street" about sanctions in Iraq.
February 2002, "No Iraq War" sign campaign –10,000 small signs distributed door-to-door in Oak Park.
May 2002, presented U.S. Rep. Danny Davis with over 3,000 petition signatures demanding that the U.S. not invade Iraq.
October 2002, Hosted a Town Hall meeting "In America's Interests? War and the policy of Preventive Aggression" .
February 2003, Oak Park Village Board passes an OPCTJ sponsored resolution opposing the U.S. plan to launch a preventive war against Iraq.
November 2003, Public forum on "The Cost of War: Winners & Losers in a War Economy" with Chicago Alderman Joe Moore.
February 2004, Oak Park Village Board passes an OPCTJ co-sponsored resolution against the Patriot Act.
September 2005, The first annual Chicago Area Peace Fair with Music, Art, Speakout, Booths and public draws 55 exhibitors and over 3,000 attendees.
October 2005, In conjunction with the Oak Park Public Library OPCTJ launches our ongoing free film series with award winning films such as "The Corporation" (23 int'l film awards) and "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price."
April 2006, Lead organizer of the Founding conference of the Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice (ICPJ), bringing together 80+ peace groups from across the state.
September 2006, The second annual Chicago Area Peace Fair with Music, Public Art, Booths and children's activities. Featured speaker is State Rep. Karen Yarbrough, author of the "Impeachment of George W. Bush" bill.
October 2006, Received award from OPAHA for work around Resurrection West Sub.
October 2006, Submitted 2,500 signatures as part of a Chicago metro area campaign to place on the November ballot a resolution calling for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. The resolution passed 3:1.
January 2007, Contingent marches in national D.C. demonstration against the Iraq war.
June 2007, New Orleans style funeral procession to "Bury Racism at West Sub."
August 2007, Rally at Blackwater training facility in NW Illinois.
September 2007 and October 2008, A Concert for Peace raises funds for 5 organizations.

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